Decentralized ecosystem based on Cryptonight

Small commissions, profitable mining and trading on our own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Decentralized ecosystem based on Cryptonight

Zero gas fees, instant trades and scalability for games, applications, marketplaces, without compromise.

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What is it?

Tirex - is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on the well-known algorithm - Cryptonight, with the function of automatic algorithm change.

What was it created for?

Why do we exist.

First of all, we want to say that the Tirex coin was created for the experiment and we do not hide it. We plan to stand shoulder to shoulder with the famous Monero cryptocurrency and will do everything we can.

Convenience and more.

We will create the necessary applications for simplified work for both ordinary users and experienced users.

Communicate, Help.

We decided to create a close-knit community where we will share experiences and help each other.
Actively inclusive

A workspace that thrives on diversity.

One perspective doesn’t cut it. Tirex champions bright minds from all over the world and from all aspects of life. Tech is currently skewed towards the masculine and we’re building towards an environment where this is no longer the case thanks to the methodology of Project F, as well as being proud supporters of Men Championing Change. We are targeting a future where no gender is a majority – actively building an environment that extends beyond the limitations of a space defined by gender.

As a global office, we ensure nobody is left out. Regardless of timezone, religion, or culture, we strive to find ways to ensure everyone is part of the action at Tirex.
Kicking crunch

We push the boundaries of tech, not people.

We don’t believe in crunch culture. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist – oh boy, does it exist – just not here. We aim to bring out the best in each and every Tirex geek, and challenging our perceptions of what we can achieve is important, but no one is at their best when they’re reduced to a husk from insane hours. The tech industry has a bad history of driving its greatest supporters into the ground; at Tirex, we leave crunching to our technology, not our talent.
Healthy minds

Providing the tools you need to succeed.

Our worlds are all different and we deal with a wide spectrum of issues that can affect our lives day-in day-out. Managers are here to help, but often things stem beyond the workplace. All Tirex geeks are given access to the Employment Assistance Program, a mental health resource that includes unlimited counselling. All sessions are external, and completely confidential – aimed to help support you be the best you can be.
Work/play together

Never settle for the daily grind.

All work and no play is a dull way to be. Culture Geeks was formed by Tirex geeks with a flair for fun, providing extracurricular team activities, events, and general good times for all. From coffee chats to online treasure hunts, our own veggo master chef challenge to a company wide hide and seek competition – there is always something happening.
Financial support

Options to suit all forms of work.

We want those working for Tirex to be as invested in the goals of the company as we are invested in you. This is why we offer stock options for new hires, salary sacrificing options to boost super funds, and annual leave advancement. What’s more, everyone’s work is different – if you’re working remotely we’ll help you set up your home office, or if you’re joining us in Sydney then we offer international relocation assistance.



Stable and resistant nodes create a guarantee of security and decentralization. 


All transactions are encrypted using the secure Cryptonight algorithm. 

Fast Transactions

Fast transactions and stable algorithm.

Tirex Exchange

Decentralized Exchange

  • Our decentralized exchange will give you the opportunity to trade without any barriers, namely:
  • Very low commissions.
  • Simple registration, no KYC confirmations.
  • Support for digital assets on networks such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
Tirex Network

Own ecosystem

  • Token on Binance Smart Chain
  • A bridge that allows you to conveniently exchange between the Cryptonight network and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets available on all platforms.
  • Tirex Network.



Desktop Wallets

Mobile Wallets

The best technology,
on the best blockchain.

"The stock market is a device to transfer money from the impatient to the patient”.

Warren Buffett
American Business Magnate
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How does the technology work?

Cryptonight technology is one of the simplest and at the same time complex. Here are some of the perks. 1) Unable to track transactions. 2) Powerful mixin 3) Own ecosystem 4) Clones on other blockchains

Why Cryptonight and not another blockchain (e.g. Flow, Tron, EOS)?

CryptoNight is (to date) the most anonymous blockchain in the world. In addition, we believe that CryptoNight best represents the philosophy of hopelessly decentralized asset ownership. It consistently prioritizes decentralization and network health over short-term scalability upgrades. CryptoNight is largely community-driven and there are several trusted clients available – all of which means your assets are more secure.

We also have a clone product in the Binance Smart Chain network allowing you to fully reveal the full potential of this coin. From the very start, we have been implementing a decentralized scalability of the project. Therefore, we are a very reliable project

How does Tirex compare to other solutions?

We are really different from everyone else, with a simple and understandable economy. Tirex is not only another coin, but also its own exchange, which will pull all new coins to its platform. And they will be able to bargain only in tandem with Tirex, which gives 100% confidence that the price will only grow without the possibility of falling.

How do I get started building?

All our source code is on github. From it you can easily build everything yourself.